Power the UK game

The UK Government has set a target of 85% of the country's electricity being generated by low-carbon sources (it is currently around half) by 2032.

Play the game and use a variety of different energy sources to generate enough electricity to power all of the UK. Can you power the country while CO2 stays low? Take the challenge and find out!

Extend learning with our Power the UK homework sheet which tests what students have learnt in the game. 

Looking for a different way to learn - ask your class to map out their own low carbon UK energy mix with our new Power the UK poster.

Please note: This game doesn't currently work on a mobile or tablet, it is best played on a large screen due to the size of the map. 


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  • Age groups: 7-11s, 11-14s
  • Subjects: Citizenship, Science
  • Topics: Energy