We have made every effort to make The Pod accessible and easy to use for everyone, no matter what supported browser you choose to use (IE7,8,9 FireFox, Safari and Chrome), and whether or not you have any disabilities.

Adobe Flash
To deliver the high levels of interaction necessary to engage the target age group of 7-14 year olds, use has been made of Adobe Flash.

Flash is a commonly used way of adding animations and interactivity to websites. HTML alternatives are also available if you do not have Flash installed.

Altering the Visible Elements of the Site
The Pod has been made compatible with the accessibility tools found in modern web-browsers. To change the size and appearance of text or colours please refer to your browser’s instructions or help files. Please note, these changes will not affect Adobe Flash elements.

Screen Readers
For visually impaired visitors, The Pod has been made compatible with screen readers. Where needed alternate content or descriptions are provided to ensure that all information in The Pod is accessible in this medium.