Holy Family Primary

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Holy Family Primary

The Eco-team audited the waste for the POD activity Lunchtime Crunchtime. We used part of the POD resources to make our own power point to show to year 3. This was uploaded on to our school Lunchtime Crunchtime blog.

Activity – Lunchtime Crunchtime

We completed Lunchtime Crunchtime as we wanted to show evidence of waste reduction for our third green flag application. We hoped to win a gold medal from the POD for our efforts in reducing waste. We also wanted to reinforce our healthy eating campaign.


Year 3 children who have packed lunches were asked by the Eco-team if they would like to take part.

After the children agreed, one of the team gave a presentation during lunches showing how they could take part. A letter was sent home to the parents of Year 3 children who bring packed lunches asking for co-operation with this campaign.

The Wednesday before Waste Week we weighed the waste left after lunch. On the Wednesday of Waste Week we weighed the waste produced to see if a daily improvement was being made. During the week Mrs Coombes Year 3’s lunchtime supervisor helped the Eco-team give out stickers for improvements to their healthy and sustainable lunch boxes.

See our Lunchtime Crunchtime blog on the Pod for results…


Making time to introduce this activity at short notice was difficult. With the help of our school dinner supervisor, the Eco-team was able to show the power point presentation to the appropriate children during lunches, which are eaten in their own classroom.

The main problem was all lunch box waste is sent home so that parents are aware of what and how much of the lunches their children eat. This practice was stopped on two days so that we could weigh the waste the week before the campaign took place in order to measure the results.

Pupil Leadership

The Eco-team gave the presentation, and gave out the stickers for taking part.

A child weighed the waste and composted the fruit waste. While another child put waste in outside bins for the two occasions waste was monitored.

The children have become more aware of what can be recycled. It reinforced year 3’s healthy eating unit of study. More children have started using bottles that can be refilled rather than drink cartons.


We used the Pod Waste Week stickers, Pod posters and the waste monitor badges for Eco-team members helping conduct the activity.

The Eco-team audited the waste for the POD activity Lunchtime Crunchtime. We used part of the PODresources to make our own power point to show to year 3. This was uploaded on to our school Lunchtime Crunchtime blog.

We also used an Interactive white board and power point to inform students of the Waste Week campaign.

Local Community

Eco-School co-ordinator and year 3 dinner staff helped during undercover waste day and Waste Week.


Waste was measured on the Wednesday before the campaign and also on the Wednesday of the campaign. A significant reduction was made on the day waste was measured. Although we were aware of more compostable waste.

Lessons Learned

We did not give ourselves enough time to prepare before the campaign so only one year group took part. Next time we would make the reduction of waste a topic for our Home-School Learning Journals. This would help to bring parents on board in another way.

Next Steps

The Eco-team really is keen to try more Pod activities and finish the water topic they started. Most activities take place during lunch time so it takes time to sort out the blogs.

Coventry’s Sustainable team produce Eco-Schools Newsletters reminding schools of activities that Eco-Schools and the Pod produce.